Services & Fees

Think of Shore Grant Services as your professional grant services firm located right in your backyard.  We are locally based and clearly understand the needs of the Westchester community and the non-profits that serve those needs.  As such, our goal is to improve the quality of life within communities we serve by providing expert, affordable grant management services for non-profit organizations in Westchester County, NY.

At Shore Grant Services, we’ll  meet with you one-on-one to discuss your specific goals, so we can propose just the right grant services to meet your needs.



Writing grants for non-profit organizations in Westchester County, NY requires a specific level of local skill, technical expertise and savvy. We at Shore Grant services are experts at grant writing.  From researching potential funders to writing letters of inquiry, from planning the grant program design to the development of full narratives with objectives and desired results, from preparing budgets to final submissions and more, no one does it better than Shore Grant Services.

    • Researching Potential Funders: We identify strategic funding opportunities specifically for your non-profit needs.  As a matter of fact, 50% of our grant success has been from securing funding from new sources that organizations previously have not been privy to.
    • Letter of Inquiry:  We create and submit engaging cover letters and two-page program narratives to potential funders to aid in securing funding.
    • Grant Proposal Writing:  The grants we prepare are well-written, highly-organized, concise and compelling.  We’re experts in writing grants that are submitted to governmental agencies such as federal, state, county and city, as well as corporate and private foundations.
    • Grant Planning: To help stay on track and easily manage grant submissions, we create a detailed grants timeline calendar.
    • Grant Reporting:  We prepare and submit all components of reporting, including interim and final reports.
    • Grant Assistance:  From editing client draft proposals to providing technical assistance, we are here to support you with everything needed from A-Z.



Just as important as the grant itself, is providing thorough reporting.  Even though you have acquired the grant, your obligation to the funder isn’t over.  Once your organization accepts the funder’s monetary investment, you also accept the responsibility of preparing and submitting grant reports, detailing how the money has been spent, as well as the specific impact your program or project has had.

Reporting requirements differ from funder to funder.  It’s our job to understand these requirements and ensure timely submissions.  Some reporting may be required annually, quarterly or even monthly.  At Shore Grant Services, we’ll prepare well-organized, comprehensive grant reports to meet each individual funder’s requirements.

Funder reporting is critical in persuading funders to continue their monetary investment in your organization.  At Shore Grant Services, we’ll prepare grant reports to meet each individual funder’s needs, to help ensure continued potential funding.



Looking to develop an in-house grant writing expertise?  Shore Grant services will provide customized, comprehensive on-site training on how to write grants.  The fact that our training will be specifically tailored to your needs is what makes our service unique and extremely effective.

We begin by engaging in a free, exploratory telephone-based strategic planning session to identify your knowledge-gap, needs and potential number of trainees.  Then, we create customized class-room materials and conduct a one-day or two-day professional development session for a small or large group, again, based on client needs.



Shore Grant Services understand the unique financial situation of non-profit organizations in Westchester County, NY.  That’s why we offer flexible billing arrangements.  From hourly billing, to monthly retainers, to per-project billing, we’ll devise a payment program that’s just right for you.

Please be aware that most grant preparation costs cannot be paid by from the grant itself.  Additionally, the industry Grant Professional Association frowns upon this practice and views it as unethical.  We also do not work on a contingent fee basis.  All fees will be mutually agreed-up upfront, and executed as outlined in a customized contract agreement.

In conclusion, Shore Grant Services is a results-driven firm providing simplified, comprehensive grant support.  While blending seamlessly into your organization, we can be involved as little or a much as you’d like.  Either way, we pride ourselves on doing quality work, on time and within budget.

Shore Grant Services makes grant management easy.  Contact us today for your free consultation.